coating tools

a new take on coating design for windows 8. interactive, touch-friendly and full featured. click here to learn more.

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3d printing

Large print area, automated quoting, fast turnatround! PETG and polycarbonate (both oil-free and vacuum compatible) in addition to the usual PLA and ABS. Visit or find me on Assistance available with design or algoritmic part generation.

make some tooling

simple software for designing tooling, laying out core drilling operations and lot size estimation. generates 3d CAD models of tooling which can be 3d printed or CNC machined.

design online

web-based thin film design and reverse engineering suite. free, powerful, and designed with simplicity in mind. note that this software is deprecated in favor of "Coating Tools" listed above. Coating Tools is backwards compatible with the designs and materials used in this software - if you need assistance with migration, please e-mail the developer.

OIC 2013 Design Contest - Problem One

compete amongst your peers in problem one of the oic 2013 design contest.

OIC 2013 Design Contest - Problem Two

compete amongst your peers in problem two of the oic 2013 design contest.

buy some optics

reynard corporation specializes in gradient coatings and custom ir filters for your application.

windows 8 apps

i make windows store apps for fun. check 'em out!

note that you need windows 8/8.1 to open this link.

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