Coating Tools

what is it?

Coating tools is a touch-enabled windows 8 metro application. In addition to allowing you to do typical design and reverse-engineering tasks, it offers a number of features not seen in other design software. Coating tools is powerful, it is different and it is cheap.

how is it different?

  • Modern technology and touch-enabled windows 8 interface.
  • Advanced capability - eg. the ability to optimize several coatings at once.
  • It is easy to do simple things - No inscrutable error messages; No arcane options.
  • Fully supported and actively developed - you are in on the ground floor and will help shape this software.
  • Fully functional demo, incredibly low price.


  • Flexible target specification - can be loaded from popular file formats or generated using powerful and intuitive tools. "Fingerpainting" mode allows for quick back-of-the-envelope calculations
  • You can specify something as simple as a single side transmission measurement, or an entire optical system - like a cube beamsplitter. Multiple coatings can be optimized at the same time.
  • Coating design can be done using the touchscreen or mouse; layer thicknesses, materials and other parameters can be changed interactively, with results displayed in real time.
  • Powerful optimization routines make quick work out of your problems.
  • Substrates and layer materials can be characterized using an arbitrarily large number of spectral data sets at different angles and geometry. Dispersion and thickness are characterized with or without absorption, depending on available data.

video tutorials

Click here to watch an underpowered touchscreen tablet rip through complex coating problems. No keyboard, no mouse needed!

buy now - $49.99 (one time; no annual renewal)

Available in the Windows Store! Click here to see the product page.